About Me

My name is Antonese, and I’m an author, wife, and mother who’s life turned upside down when I had to make the choice to divorce my ex-husband. I learned through my journey that I needed to write my story down to help me heal. As I began to write my story, I realized there were so many women who didn’t have a support system or a safe space to share their stories.  I didn’t realize that so many women had shared experiences. It’s my purpose to provide a platform for women who are considering or have chosen divorce and need support in helping them realize their self-worth, goals, and purpose.

Finding My Crown

Finding My Crown is my raw and open story, and what it took to make a choice. Finding My Crown was written so people could hear my story and be encouraged to tell their own. It was written to help people understand the importance of asking for help, knowing you're not alone, and self-worth.

Find Your Crown

Although I have a social work degree, I am not a therapist and I don't give legal advice. I work with those who are wanting to reflect on their situation, develop a plan, and improve their life through and after divorce. Those who want to get better and not stay bitter. Those who want to take a bad situation and turn it into positive change. Want to have a coach and support system that helps you through your divorce? Start your journey to finding your crown today!

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Receive 1 on 1 customizable support that helps you pick up the pieces, set goals, and develop an action plan.

Group Coaching

All the benefits of private coaching but in a group setting.


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Asking for Help

HELP! A word I’ve been afraid of for a long time. Even as I sit here, super tired from taking care of my newborn, I could use some help. But, I won’t ask for it. It’s hard for me to ask for help. I’ve always prided myself on being able to figure things out. I …

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